[][src]Trait futures::task::ArcWake

pub trait ArcWake {
    fn wake(arc_self: &Arc<Self>);

    fn into_waker(self: Arc<Self>) -> Waker { ... }

A way of waking up a specific task.

By implementing this trait, types that are expected to be wrapped in an Arc can be converted into Waker objects. Those Wakers can be used to signal executors that a task it owns is ready to be polled again.

Required methods

fn wake(arc_self: &Arc<Self>)

Indicates that the associated task is ready to make progress and should be polled.

This function can be called from an arbitrary thread, including threads which did not create the ArcWake based Waker.

Executors generally maintain a queue of "ready" tasks; wake should place the associated task onto this queue.

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Provided methods

fn into_waker(self: Arc<Self>) -> Waker

Creates a Waker from an Arc, if T implements ArcWake.

If wake() is called on the returned Waker, the wake() function that is defined inside this trait will get called.

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